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And so it begins June 4, 2006

Posted by Nima in Uncategorized.

It’s hard to believe this is happening already, but tomorrow (or, today… in a few hours) is when I finally start my community development program with Canada World Youth split between the Québecois town of Nicolet and the West African nation of Mali. The program will involve me working with 8 other Canadians as well as 9 Malians for around 6 months on various community projects which I’ll try my best to document in this space. And in each locale I’ll be living with a local family alongside a Malian roomate.

Basically, it’s not quite auditing.

I’m certainly very excited, perhaps somewhat anxious (hence the middle of the night post) and nervous. I wonder if I’ve remembered to bring everything (I generally gave up in the way of clothing, but I do have 12 cases of chap-stick), what this first stage is going to be like…but we’ll have more on this story as it develops.

This is incidentally my first ever blog post; much like most bloggers , I currently have nothing worthwhile to say. I’m currently in Montreal and for now have a week of orientation to look forward to.

Hope you guys check back occasionally (and don’t forget to leave comments)

Take care,




1. V-square - June 4, 2006

Nimasauras, Just wanted to wish you all the best in all your endeavours. Its been a true pleasure getting to know you well, and life in fourth year will be a bit different now that the thrilla from thornhilla is now no longer at school.

Its absolutely amazing, and gutsy to go away for 7 months from familiar surroundings, and I hope you do well in whatever you take on.

Take care bud

V (I hope you know who it is, Hint: “Curry chicken”)

2. John - June 5, 2006

Nima, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you over the past 4 years and I think I can definitely say that we’ve really bonded, especially at APEX. You saved me from Sachin and I can never thank you enough. Your lucky basketball skills will come in handy in Africa (remember, black people can jump), and I know they’ll admire your incredible dancing. You’ve also inspired me to go on a hunt for a white jacket.

Keep in touch buddy and if you see a lion, try and outrun it. It’ll eat you alive if you play dead (it’s not a bear).

3. Cam'ron - June 5, 2006

Hey Nima,

It’s been great to get to know you this past year, hopefully everything works out for you! I’ll make sure to keep an eye on the blog! Good luck!

4. Daniel (Dale...but I'm calling myself only Daniel from now on in this space.) - June 6, 2006

I am officially an avid reader. You better post frequently.

5. Shmeck - June 8, 2006

Word brotha,
Damn you so francaise. Hope you’re doing well. THANK GOD you have 12 cases of chap stick! Did I tell you I’m hitting Mali on the Muzo world tour? Better believe it. See you there bud.
SirJamsTooMuch. (shmeckdaddy)

6. alina - June 11, 2006

Can’t wait to hear more!
hope everything is going well

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