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The Loincloth Chronicles, Volume 1 July 17, 2006

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Yesterday we filmed the first scene of the epic as yet unamed film depicting the history of St.Francois and Pierreville. The last few days I’ve been getting quite nervous about the shoot, not because of the acting or memorization it will require to play the Iroquois Chief (typical line: Iroquois Chief shrugs his shoulders and grunts) but because of the amount of fabric I was anticipating my loincloth to be missing. About a week ago we had a costume fitting during one of our activity days in Nicolet and after being handed my alleged “garment”, I certainly had reason to worry: there was barely a handful of fabric, but this was supposedly all I was scheduled to wear during the many scenes of attacking and kidnapping little French kids.

I wore the cloth on top of my jeans and I was still blushing. I told the costume designer “Even if I was alone in my house, I would still be embarrassed to wear this.” She laughed, but really didn’t seem to realize the gravity of the situation. Me in this costume alone would give the movie an NC-17 rating. Seriously, it was friggin tiny.

Fortunately they heeded my request and alas some pants were tossed under the loincloth, in the process saving the community thousands of dollars worth of treatment to child psychologists.

(Sidenote: While you might think I could pass as a relatively decent Iroquois when we’re in a community of only white people, I should point out that I live a good 3 minute walk from the Odanak Abenaki Indian reserve. Apparently they couldn’t find a single person who was willing to act in a local history film made by a white man, even an openminded one)

The first scene called for me and my Iroquois counterpart (a 14 year old boy with the physique of a 9 year old girl) to attack a French settler, hog tie him up and drag him to the back woods. The first few scenes the settler boy kept laughing when we attacked him, so we kept having to redo the entire long run up and pounce sequence, which I was frankly getting tired of in the 30 degree heat so I decided to really start to drag him a little harder each time until he had nothing left to smile about and well, it was a wrap. Although not before I was slightly injured by the blunt end of my own dagger jamming me next to the eye.

It’s not easy being an Iroquois superstar



1. Adrienne - July 19, 2006

“Fortunately they heeded my request and alas some pants were tossed under the loincloth, in the process saving the community thousands of dollars worth of treatment to child psychologists.”

This was my favourite bit. I’m sure the children would have been ok, but I’m glad that you felt more comfortable in your costume.

Now I can tell everyone that I’m friends with a film star.

You had better start practicing your autograph. I hear Sharpies are the writing utensil of choice amongst the celebrities.

Take care!

2. Jennilee Dunwoody - July 19, 2006

My NimaSaurus in a movie! Can you send me a pic of you in your teensy costume? We had a unanimous exec vote and the Insider is having monthly Schulich Sunshine Boy on page 3. Do you feel more like a Mr. August or September?

A bien tot et gros bisous,

Miss JL

3. Gabe - July 19, 2006

Nima you are a hairy beast! nevertheless I hope you are enjoying your experience.

4. Snarf - July 26, 2006

That is one sexy picture! Would you be mad if you came home to find it printed and posted in various parts of town?

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